Pokémon GO: everything you need to know to start out as a trainer

Pokémon GO: everything you need to know to start out as a trainer

Feels like the 90s all over again with the arrival of Pokemon GO on Android and iOS. People are excited for Pokemon like they haven't been in a long, long time.

First off, the world of Pokemon GO is nothing like what you'd expect from a game from the series, because, well, it takes place in the real world. Much like Ingress, Pokemon GO is a location-based AR game that uses your real location, and that changes everything. There are no random encounters for example, which means that you can freely walk around in tall grass while glued to your phone's screen.

How to get Pokémon GO now

The quick route to install Pokémon Go now:

This is the fastest, easiest way to install Pokémon Go via an APK file. However, there are concerns that malware has been found in some Pokémon Go APK files available online. Click here for a slightly longer method that lets you download the Pokémon Go APK from Google Play.

Download Pokémon Go from APKPure.com or another APK download site, either directly on your phone or on a PC (it's a 58.1MB file). If you're using a PC then attach your phone to the PC via USB and drag the downloaded file to your Downloads folder. On your phone go to Settings, Security and enable the installation of apps from unknown sources. Now tap on Pokémon Go in your Downloads folder to install Pokémon Go.