Let the world know you by RRumble application

Let the world know you by RRumble application

Let the world know you by RRumble application

You want to discover a new way to express yourself? You may
like movies, music or love somebody; you may have a view on politics or you may
be an entertainer; you may be a tech geek...here's an opportunity to be
yourself, express yourself & let the world know you!

We introduce an iOS application named RRumble of Storyteller that helps you go ahead and rumble in three easy steps:

1) Register with your Email address

2) Record your voice

3) Publish on the board for the world to listen


The Home screen and
player of RRumble application

With RRumble application, in Home screen you can view top 10
rumbles which Recent sharing or Popular rumbles. You can listen, Like or
Dislike any rumble.

Record a rumble for sharing by go to Categories screen and select which you want, then you can easy to record your voice with a recorder. After record, you can replay your rumble, and finally click to Post button for sharing.


You can view video of app demo from: http://youtu.be/5_o2vaQ3v2I'>http://youtu.be/5_o2vaQ3v2I

is an application that has good design and simple features, easy to use. Let
people in the world know you through your voice, it’s easier than you imagine.
Now, download RRumble
application for your iOS devices
and let the world know about you.