November Teambuilding

November Teambuilding

Once a month, ProjecTemplate organized a teambuilding party with exciting activities to increase all employees’ spirit.

With the cold weather like this time, we had a warmly small party in Saturday’s Evening. At this, we sat down side by side and talked about everything in our life, not only about working.

In November, Mr.Ha Anh and Mr.Cuong tried their best and achieved their outstanding performance. In the warm atmosphere, the senior management of ProjecTemplate awarded a small prize for them. Gifts are the motivation and recognition of the company for each individual effort. They said to be happy and shared that  ProjecTemplate was their second family. All of us promised to try harder to gain the remarkable achievements.

In addition, the company announced Mr.Tin - trainee of company has officially been appointed after 2 months. Being happy, he said that: "I have been working and studying hard with good attitude. Thank you everybody for necessary supports from seniors and the Board of Company. "

Through event like this, the distance between us seems disappeared; we are closer and understand more about each other. Mutual understanding is important because it makes the process of work more smoothly.

Hope that we will have a greater achievement month by month so we will continue having happy party like this next time.