projectemplate - Restaurant Order for Waiters

Restaurant Order for Waiters

This source code is native apps for either android or ios that help you build restaurant order apps for waiters on smartphones. The data is managed at website-based Backend which is coded in PHP Yii framework script. We are available if you want to customize this source code to meet your specific needs.


App Features
  • Login/ logout for each waiter
  • Waiter orders food per each table
  • Foods are grouped in various categories
  • Send bill to the backend
  • Add notes to each order
  • See table's current states

Backend Features
  • Manage foods, categories, waiters and ordering at web-based backend 

  • Send us email for backend and app demo


Android Application Video demo

iOS Application Video demo

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  • Senior PHP Developer
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We clone features from popular apps, code using latest technolgy stacks, tested carefully via multiple devices and run-through completed development process (Agile). We can ensure the excellent quality: Bugs-free
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  • Login Screen

    A waiter as an user must login before using the app. The account is managed at backend

  • Select table

    After login, the waiter as user will see list of tables which are assigned to him. If table is in red, that table is being reserved.

  • Select Categories

    After selecting a table, waiter as user will select categories to browser their menus.

  • Select menu

    After selecting a category, its menus are presented for user to select

  • Order confirmation

    After the waiter finishes ordering menus for his customer, the confirmation screen is presented before it is finally sent to the backend.

  • Add note to an order

    The waiter can add client's special notes to each order

  • Get bill for customer

    After the customer finishes his meal, the bill information is presented in this screen.

  • Admin Backend Site

    Categories, Menus, Ordering, Waiters data are managed at Backend site. The backend is made using PHP Yii framework script.